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About this Documentation

The user documentation of Theobald Software is designed to introduce readers to the main functions of ERPConnect.

Theobald Software's claim is to keep the user documentation up to date according to the latest product version. Information concerning the older version is removed gradually from the documentation content. It is generally recommended to always install the latest version of the product.

Theobald Software's claim is to always update all the used screenshots of other software vendors, nevertheless this cannot be guaranteed.

©2024 Theobald Software GmbH. All rights reserved.

Target group and audience

This documentation is created for all users of ERPConnect. The user documentation offers an overview of the interface, of the navigation and of the basic information to the users who never or rarely worked with the product. Experienced users can find more detailed information on more complex topics and use the user documentation for reference.

Reading the "Getting Started" section is the prerequisite for working with the product. The documentation can also be useful during the evaluation phase.

Typographical conventions

Convention Used for marking: Example
bold & square brackets Buttons [Edit]
bold URL buttons Subscriptions
bold Fields within a window, tab names Name
italics Input values MATNR
italics Drop-down menu options TextAndCode

Notes and warning messages

There are three main types of warning messages with the corresponding colors.

Signal word Color Severity and meaning
Note Blue Additional information
Warning Yellow Information that is important for executing an error free procedure
Tip Green Tips
Recommendation Green Theobald Software recommendations and best practices advice

Warning Messages comply with EN 82079 and formulated according the SAFE-method that is derived from German. The SAFE method is a procedure for systematically designing safety instructions. The severity of the danger as well as the source of the danger.

"SAFE" stands for:

Schwere der Gefahr (Signalwort) Art und Quelle der Gefahr Folgen bei Missachtung der Gefahr Entkommen (Maßnahmen zur Abwehr der Gefahr)

Translation: Severity of the danger (Signal word) Type and source of the danger Consequences of disregarding the danger Escape (measures to avert the danger)



RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE - No more storage space available for extending an internal table
To avoid a memory overflow on the SAP source system and to avoid huge overheads, choose a package size that suits your memory capacity.


The corresponding SQL command is generated dynamically and executed on the SAP server.