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The following section contains information on how to extract data from a Business Warehouse (BW) system.

The BW class was developed to extract data from SAP BW InfoCubes and QueryCubes (also known as BEx Queries). A common approach for using the BW class is to build and extract a BEx query that meets your business requirements.


This section refers to BW Queries, for information on queries created by the SAP transactions SQ02 and SQ01, see SAP Query.

About BEx Queries and InfoCubes

BEx queries filter data to create reporting objects or views called InfoProviders for analyzing purposes. One type of InfoProviders are InfoCubes.

InfoCubes are multidimensional datasets that are used to store data e.g., characteristics (dimensions), key figures (measures or facts), units, time characteristics, or technical characteristics.
You can add data from one or more InfoSource or InfoProviders to an InfoCube.