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A trial license is automatically installed with the installation of ERPConnect.
A regular license is provided in the Theobald Software Customer Portal after purchasing the product.


The standard trial license does not support working in web environments. To test ERPConnect with your ASP.NET project, apply for a test license number at

Installing the ERPConnect License

After the end of the test period ERPConnect will not run without a valid license.

Because ERPConnect checks the licence number on every call (client and server), you need to set your license number before the first connection to SAP is established.
Set the license during runtime through the static class ERPConnect.LIC as shown in the code below.



Contact the sales department for information about available maintenance options.
In case of technical difficulties, contact the support team:

Technical Support

Theobald Software offers support in 🇬🇧 English and 🇩🇪 German.

  1. Open a ticket in our Support Portal.
  2. Provide as much information as possible for the Theobald Software support team to understand and analyze the issue.
  3. If there is an error message, copy and paste the error message into the ticket.


SAP versions that are no longer supported by the manufacturer are excluded from the Theobald Software support. Issues specific to custom BAPIs (Z function modules) or custom reports (Z reports) are also excluded from the scope of support.