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Read Tables

The following sample shows how to use the ReadTable class to read data from an SAP table and how to process the ADO.NET result table object.

Read Data From Tables

Follow the steps below to read tables from SAP:

  1. Connect to the SAP system using R3Connection.
  2. Create a table object using ReadTable().
  3. Specify the name of the SAP table using TableName.
  4. Specify the columns you want to read using AddField().
  5. Optional: Specify additional parameters, e.g., WHERE Clause (WhereClause or maximum number of rows RowCount).
  6. Optional: Specify the function module that is used to read the table using SetCustomFunctionName(). The default is RFC_READ_TABLE.
  7. Read the SAP table using Run().
  8. Access the table using the Result attribute.
Table MAKT
using System;
using System.Data;
using ERPConnect;
using ERPConnect.Utils;

// Set your ERPConnect license

// Open the connection to SAP
using var connection = new R3Connection(
    host: "",
    systemNumber: 00,
    userName: "user",
    password: "passwd",
    language: "EN",
    client: "001")
    Protocol = ClientProtocol.NWRFC,


var table = new ReadTable(connection)
    WhereClause = "SPRAS = 'EN'",
    TableName = "MAKT",
    RowCount = 10

// Select columns to read

// Specify a function module that is used to read the table


DataTable result = table.Result;
for (int i = 0; i < result.Rows.Count; i++)
    Console.WriteLine($"{result.Rows[i]["MATNR"]} {result.Rows[i]["MAKTX"]}");



000000000000000023 Pawan Kalyan_08
000000000000000038 Test US colleagues upd4
000000000000000043 English Check 25_01
000000000000000058 Ventilation, complete build
000000000000000059 Filter Ereteam
000000000000000068 a portable 1 ton crane
000000000000000078 Component Full Repair Service ...
000000000000000088 AS-100 T-shirt XL
000000000000000089 AS-100 T-shirt
000000000000000098 PCB Subassembly