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Check the Accessibility to an SAP System

The following article shows how to check the accessibility of an SAP system using the paping.exe tool.

Sometimes the firewall is blocking the traffic to the SAP System. This could be a local firewall, but also a firewall in the destination network. You can use the paping.exe tool to ping the port and to check if the firewall is open.

Ping the SAP System

Use the following syntax with paping.exe:

paping.exe SAPServer -p port -c 3*
paping.exe -p 3305 -c 3


Port Numbers

If an SAP-Router is used, the ports are 3299 and 3399.
If not, the ports are 32XX and 33XX. XX is usually the system number, e.g., 00, or 05.

Some important port numbers:

sapdp00 3200/tcp # SAP Dispatcher. 3200 + Instance-Number
sapgw00 3300/tcp # SAP Gateway. 3300 + Instance-Number
sapsp00 3400/tcp # 3400 + Instance-Number
sapms00 3500/tcp # 3500 + Instance-Number
sapmsSID 3600/tcp # SAP Message Server. 3600 + Instance-Number
sapgw00s 4800/tcp # SAP Secure Gateway 4800 + Instance-Number