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Send a STATUS IDoc

The example below shows how to send a STATUS IDoc.


The STATUS message type is used to manipulate the status of another outbound IDoc e.g., when a subsystem receives an IDoc and acknowledges the receive with a status change. STATUS is a simple IDoc that contains only one data record.


Make sure to configure your SAP system to receive IDocs.

Send a STATUS IDoc

Follow the steps below to send a STATUS IDoc:

  1. Connect to the SAP system using R3Connection.
  2. Inquire the IDoc number of the IDoc to be manipulated and read the input.
  3. Use CreateIdoc to instance a valid IDoc object. "SYSTAT01" is the IDoc type for the appropriate message type STATUS.
  4. Provide receiver and sender information.
  5. Fill in the following fields in segment E1STATS:
    • the new status code (STATUS)
    • date and time (LOGDAT, LOGTIM)
    • the number of the IDoc to be manipulated
  6. Send the IDoc using the Send.
  7. Run the program using and check the result.

    using System;
    using ERPConnect;
    using ERPConnect.Utils;
    // Set your ERPConnect license
    using var connection = new R3Connection(
        host: "",
        systemNumber: 00,
        userName: "user",
        password: "passwd",
        language: "EN",
        client: "001")
        Protocol = ClientProtocol.NWRFC,
    // Inquire the IDoc number of the IDoc to be manipulated and read the input.    
    Console.WriteLine("Which IDoc number would you like to manipulate?");  
    string IdocNo = Console.ReadLine(); 
    Idoc i = connection.CreateIdoc("SYSTAT01","");
    // Fill Message Type 
    i.MESTYP = "STATUS"; 
    // Fill Information about IDoc Reciever 
    i.RCVPRN = "PT4_800"; // Partner number 
    i.RCVPRT = "LS"; // Partner type 
    // Fill information about IDoc sender 
    i.SNDPOR = "ERPCONNECT"; // Partner port 
    i.SNDPRN = "ERPCONNECT"; // Partner number 
    i.SNDPRT = "LS"; // Partner type
    // Fill the right fields in the segments 
    i.Segments["E1STATS",0].Fields["LOGDAT"].FieldValue = "20210901";
    i.Segments["E1STATS",0].Fields["LOGTIM"].FieldValue = "152301"; 
    i.Segments["E1STATS",0].Fields["STATUS"].FieldValue = "12"; 
    i.Segments["E1STATS",0].Fields["DOCNUM"].FieldValue = IdocNo; 
    Console.WriteLine("IDoc sent"); 


The status code of the manipulated IDoc increases from 3 (Data passed...) to 12 (Dispatch OK).