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Changes to R3Connection

The following properties/methods have been removed.

  • MultithreadingEnvironment The feature is always active and cannot be disabled.
  • AllowStartProgram(string programList). Please contact support if you really need this feature.

The following properties/constructors/methods have been marked as obsolete and will be removed 2023-10-01.

  • ConnectionString --> Please use ParseConnectionString() instead.
  • R3Connection(string connectionString) --> Please use ParseConnectionString() instead.
  • Open(string rfcConnectionString)--> Please use ParseConnectionString() instead.
  • OpenSSO(string ticket, bool loadBalancing) --> Please set LogonTicket and UsesLoadBalancing instead.
  • OpenSSO(string ticket) --> Please set LogonTicket instead.
  • Open(bool useLoadBalancing) --> Please set UsesLoadBalancing instead.
  • GetSSOTicket(bool loadBalancing) --> Please set UsesLoadBalancing instead.
  • SetAbapDebug(bool enabled) --> Please use external breakpoints in ABAP debugger instead.

ClientProtocol.RFC has been marked as obsolete. Please use ClientProtocol.NWRFC instead. The default value will be switched to NWRFC 2023-10-01.